Measurement room

Single molecule/single nanoparticle spectroscopy setup No.1 with Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

IMG_3181  IMG_3182  IMG_3184


IMG_3177  IMG_3178




 Single molecule/single nanoparticle spectroscopy setup No.2


IMG_3185  IMG_3186  IMG_3187



Single molecule/single nanoparticle spectroscopy setup No.3 for single molecule imaging


IMG_3188  IMG_3189



Microspectroscopy setup







 IMG_3450     IMG_3451


fs-pulsed laser Mai Tai with pulse picker&doubler model 3980 (Spectra-Physics)



fs-pulsed laser Vitesse (Coherent)


IMG_3193  IMG_3194

CW lasers



Chemical room


IMG_3195  IMG_3196  IMG_3201

    overview              Draft chamber              Centrifuges


IMG_3197  IMG_3198  IMG_3202

    Glove box                 Inside of glove box                Sputtering system


IMG_3200  IMG_3199  IMG_3203

UV-NIR abosorption spectrometer              Fluorometer             electric furnace



Sample preparation room


IMG_3205  IMG_3206  IMG_3207





IMG_3209  IMG_3210

Professor’s office           Students’ office


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