Staff: Akane Ito


Assistant Professor: Akane, ITO, Ph. D. (Eng)


Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Application of B and Li isotope systematics for detecting chemical disturbance in groundwater associated with large shallow inland earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan.
    M. Tanimizu, N. Sugimoto, T. Hosono, C. Kuribayashi, T. Morimoto, A. Ito, R. Umam, Y. Nishio, K. Nagaishi, and T. Ishikawa
    Geochem. J., 55, ###-### (2021).  DOI: 10.2343/geochemj.2.0633
  • The formation of Fe colloids and layered double hydroxides as sequestration agents in the natural remediation of mine drainage.
    F. Chikanda, T. Ohtake, A. Koide, A. Ito, and T. Sato
    Sci. Tot. Env. (2021)
  • Geochemical constraints on the mobilization of Ni and critical metals in laterite deposits, Sulawesi, Indonesia: A mass‐balance approach.
    Ito, A., et al.
    Res. Geol.,  (2021)
  • Magmatic-Hydrothermal Processes Associated with Rare Earth Element Enrichment in the Kangankunde Carbonatite Complex, Malawi
    Chikanda, F., Otake, T., Ohtomo, Y. Ito, A., Yokoyama, T.D., Sato, T.
    MINERALS, 9, 442 (2019). DOI: 10.3390/min9070442
  • Geochemical signatures and processes in a stream contaminated by heavy mineral processing near Ipoh city, Malaysia
    Ito, A., Otake, T., Shin, K.-C., Ariffin, K.S., Yeoh, F.-Y., Sato, T.
    APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY, 82, 89-101 (2017). DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2017.05.007

update: July 10, 2021

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