We are focusing on the synthesis of high-performance organic materials on the basis of synthetic organic chemistry and structural chemistry. We design organic molecules in order to obtain desired functionalities; they are actually prepared, and their unique properties are evaluated. On the contrary, we disclose the mechanism by molecular simulations, when the molecules exhibited unexpected properties.

The target molecules are small molecules, well-defined oligomers, macromolecules, polymers, self-assemblies, and network polymers for next-generation materials.

The details are as follows.

1. Excellent CPL-emitters : Planar Chiral Cyclophane Chemistry

2. CPP-emitting Chiral Organometallic Complexes and the Theoretical Investigation

3. Construction of Through-space Conjugated Systems

4. Chiral Phosphacrowns : Optically Active Cyclic Compounds

[2.2]Paracyclophane is a unique aromatic compound consisting of two stacked benzene rings in close proximity. Planar chirality, which arises from the proximally fixed benzene rings, is one of the interesting structural characteristics of the [2.2]paracyclophane skeleton. We reported practical metho…

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